“ANTARCTICA: So Much To Learn, Too Much To Lose”

Quilt by Liza Eastman

$12,000 (neg)
600 x 300 cm

Further details:
This quilt was created for the Antarctic Quilt Challenge for the 10th National Quilt Symposium Exhibition, and has been displayed at the Antarctic Centre, Christchurch NZ, Nelson Cathedral during Commemorations of the Erebus disaster, and at Te Papa, Wellington, NZ for the National Institute for Weather and Atmospheric Research Conference 2007. It measures almost 6m in length and 3m in width - not a common size for quilted wall hangings!




The design was inspired by the photos of Tui de Roy and Mark Jones in the book “Wild Ice Antarctic Journeys” (used with permission). The spectacular colours are seen in photos by Colin Monteath and Ron Naveen in the same book and photos from private collections. The amazing underwater life forms were researched from a number of different sources including articles and photos by Norbert Wu, the Antarctic Centre's display of live fish and sea spiders and its extraordinary videotape “Under the Ice Antarctica”.


A myriad of recycled fabrics, a multitude of quilting techniques and two layers of a woven batting have been used to portray a small part of the diversity and abundance of life around the south pole.




See the WHOLE quilt close-up. (Approx. 30 secs @ 28.8k)


A Weddell seal and her pup, Adelie penguins, the fluke of a Sperm whale, the astonishingly large sub-ice jellyfish, sea stars, spider crabs, small fishes and sponges are depicted. Ice-bound ghost ships and 257 blue crosses shading Mount Erebus commemorate the lives lost exploring Antarctica and on Air New Zealand's Flight 901.


This is my largest work of art to date. I'd also like to thank my meticulous husband Vic for devising, supervising and enabling me to make an oversized soft hanging that actually hangs straight within a centimetre or two!




Click on the thumbnail images below to see a bigger photo of the quilt plus close-up views and information.












"Neptune's Horses"



"Paua I"






Brief Accomplishments, Displays, Teaching Experiences


Artists' residency, Farewell Spit, Golden Bay and joint exhibition “Endless Horizons”.


Co-chair of the Golden Bay Arts Council.


Guest Artist, Ashburton Society of Arts, Art and Applied Art & Craft Annual Exhibition.


“So much to learn, too much to lose”- 3 metre x 6 metre Antarctic themed quilted wall hanging created for the 10th National Quilting Symposium, Christchurch.


Participant and co-organiser of a hui at Onetahua Marae, with Marae Whanau and Golden Bay Quilters creating quilts and “quillows” together for use in the Wharenui.


“Chimeric Luciferous Sea Circus” World of Wearable Art (WOW) Commended Award (Third Place) Port Nelson Illumination Illusion Section.


“Aegean Sea” jacket and evening purse – Winner, Teri Dyes Colour Prize, Materialistic Textile Fantasia Exhibition, Creative Marlborough.


Solo exhibition, New Pieces Gallery, Berkeley, California.



"Tree Nymphs"









"Forest Fire Fairies"






"Jellyfish Jamboree"



Brief Accomplishments, Displays, Teaching Experiences   (continued...)


"Neptune's Horses" accepted for National Symposium Exhibition, Queenstown.


Led a group of Golden Bay Patchwork and Quilters who entered The Great Kid's Quilt Challenge to make quilts for Ronald McDonald houses. Won "Children's Choice" category out of 46 entries.


“Scylla Namtsae” World of Wearable Art (WOW) Highly Commended Award (Second Place) Wales & McKinlay Silk Section.


Guest tutor at Dowse Art Museum in Wellington, NZ to coincide with Rag Rug exhibition by Beatrice Cross.


Commissioned to complete the Banner for "Nuclear Free New Zealand".


“Universal Light” World of Wearable Art (WOW) First Place Winner, Fletcher Vautier Moor Solicitors Open Section.


“Freya and Odur” World of Wearable Art (WOW) Commended Award (Third Place) Nelson Evening Mail Wedding Section.




"Snow Cherubs"



"Antarctic Ice Floe"



"Galactic Traveler"



"Midnight Unicorns"



"NZ West Coast Bush"



"Tasman Quilt (Group Quilt)"



Liza's quilts usually range in price from NZ$300 - $5000 and she is happy to undertake commissions. Liza's work and workroom may be viewed by arrangement. Please note: prices are in NZ dollars, and do not including packaging and shipping.

Contact Details:

Liza Eastman
Post Office Box 35,
Golden Bay,
New Zealand 7054


Phone +64 3 524 8487



Antarctic Ice Floe
Antarctica: So Much To Learn, Too Much To Lose
Forest Fire Fairies
Galactic Traveler
Jellyfish Jamboree
Midnight Unicorns
Neptune's Horses
New Zealand West Coast Bush with Birds
Paua I
Remember Abel Tasman (quilt by Golden Bay Patchwork and Quilter's Guild)
Snow Cherubs
Tree Nymphs

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